Minutes January 2021

  MINUTES of the Parish Council Meeting

Held Monday 4th January 2021



Public Forum


One member of the public in attendance.



Remote Zoom Meeting commenced at 7.30 pm


Present via video and audio


Martin Wright (MMW), Geoff Fearn (GF), Paul Wood (PW), Carole Lee (CL), Iain Lyon(IL), John Leventhall (JL), Ross Warman (RW), Daryl Walton (DW), Stephen Pearson (SP), Mick Brooks (MB), Mick Walker (MW), County Cllr Alexander Maughan(AM) and Jane Evans (Clerk)


Apologies for Absence


All Councillors in attendance


Declarations of Interest


GF declared a pecuniary interest in item 7 re Bypass Farm Solar Ltd and MW declared a pecuniary interest in item 11 (invoices for payment)


Dispensations given to all Cllrs to allow precept/budget setting.


Minutes & Matters Arising from Previous Meeting 7th December 2020


Matters Arising

18/592 - It was confirmed the bin for Witham Meadow will be sorted in January. ACTION CLERK

18/597 – a further detailed email is expected shortly and will be circulated once received. ACTION AM

It was RESOLVED that the minutes be signed as a true record.


County Council & District Council Report


Councillors discussed the Flood Alleviation Scheme and AM advised of the slippage in timescales in all schemes with the revised plan for a Long Bennington scheme now expected to be delivered in the 2022/23 financial year. Concerns over timescales were aired and it was agreed to arrange a meeting with Paul Brooks to discuss the proposals. ACTION AM

A brief update of Covid response across the County was provided and it was confirmed to Councillors that an update from LCC has been provided regarding the proposed cycle lane (already circulated to Cllrs) with no dates for the consultation agreed yet.


District Council Report


PW advised the corporate management at SKDC is being reorganised with some jobs being advertised.

AM and PW to liaise about the poor street lighting. ACTION AM and PW




Applications – S20/2164 Mrs Caroline Smith RJS Farms Ltd. Hedgerows Removal Notice at Land North of Bottesford Road, Allington. Cllrs were advised the hedge being removed is a self-sown hedge and the hedge on the opposite side of the ditch will remain. RESOLVED no comment.

Planning Approvals –see agenda.

Planning Refusals – see agenda

Planning Appeals/Withdrawals – none

Other planning issues –S20/0669 Smith. Cllrs discussed the arrival today of traveller on the site subject to the pending planning application. It was confirmed prompt action has been taken with SKDC enforcement team agreeing to visit Tuesday 5th January. To Phil Jordan at SKDC to establish why the application has not been refused and was advised the previous agent was seriously ill, a new agent appointed, and a revised deadline of mid-January agreed.


Bypass Farm Solar Ltd – to discuss community benefit payment and negotiation.


Cllrs were informed that PW gave a deadline to the four Parish Councils to reach a compromise for the split of the funds and with no agreement reached, the matter has been passed back to Savills.PW confirmed he would support the planning application as District Councillor.


To discuss CCTV quotes and Investsk grant application


A summary of quotes and comments were discussed. RESOLVED to apply for a grant based on the preferred quote from Allsecure Services Ltd.



Grass Cutting Contract – to discuss invitations to tender


The revised invitation to tender was approved and invitations to are to be sent out. ACTION CLERK


Chairman and Clerk’s Report


Chairman’s Report

No report

Clerks Report

Councillors were referred to the attached report.

No further comments




Councillors were referred to the attached schedule of invoices for payment totalling £262.50. Resolved – to pay the invoices.


Community Cleaner hours worked and payment – approved.


Precept – to discuss 2021/22 budget – Cllrs referred to the attached papers and discussed the budget amendments as summarised in the Budget Planning Assumptions 2021/20 – January update, attached. RESOLVED to approve a budget of £61166 per the attached.





Playing Fields Management Committee – Cllrs were informed some pre-cctv installation work has been discussed. A contractor has been appointed for MSF repairs and repairs to play equipment have been approved.

A request has been submitted to make a transfer to the PFMC bank account, for general expenditure, representing the covid support grant received for November closure. RESOLVED to make a payment of £1334. ACTION CLERK

A number of suggested repairs/improvements were suggested and it was agreed to direct these to the PFMC in the first instance.

Village Hall Management Committee  - Cllrs were advised the facility remains closed apart from to the Post Office and Pre-school.

School Liaison – enhancement of Witham Meadow remains the main item on the agenda. Access and connecting with nature are priorities.

Emergency Planning Group Report – no report

Road Safety – Speed checks have been suspended due to Covid restrictions. MB advised he is to investigate changing one of the signs at the northern end of the village to flash speed (not just 30). Parking issues at school are to be discussed with the Headteacher.

Cllrs were advised the Viking Way (at Sewstern Lane) has been damaged and is now virtually impassable on foot. Agreed to report to LCC. ACTION AM

Police Report – MB stressed the need to communicate to residents to record vehicle registrations for any suspicious activity. ACTION CLERK

Footpaths & Streetlights – Road sign near island at A1 slip road southbound – corner missing. Tree near Peacock Farm needs canopy lifting.

Communications Committee – announcements to be made re new website.

Witham Meadow Project Report– no report.





Councillors referred to attached list of correspondence received during the last month.

No comments.

Cllrs were referred to late item, confirming success of Santa Sleigh, raising similar amounts for local groups as previous year despite covid restrictions in place meaning no direct collections alongside the sleigh.


Items for next agenda and Parish News Report.


Parish News – website and damage to Viking Way

Next agenda – Grass Cutting Contract – to approve


Date of next meeting – 1st February 2021


Meeting Closed 9.29 pm.



Signed Martin Wright        Designation Chairman          

Date 1st February 2021